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New Zealand's most popular Asphalt Shingle Roof

Slate Look

The Look Of Slate At A Fraction Of The Cost!

Best of the Best

Extra-Thick Dimensional Heavy Slate Look

  • 30 or 50 year warranty
  • High Definition® Shingles
  • For Extra High Wind Zone
  • Lightweight Roofing

  • Lifetime 50 year warranty
  • Classic Slate Look
  • For Extra High Wind Zone
  • StainGuard ® Protection

  • Lifetime 50 year warranty
  • Heavy Slate Look
  • For Extra High Wind Zone
  • StainGuard ® Protection

Most Pooular Shingle Roof
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New Zealand's largest supplier of Shingle Roofing

The New Zealand Distributor and technical support centre for GAF and ELK roofing products since 1996. We are New Zealand’s leading shingle roofing specialists, supplying more than 65% of New Zealand’s shingle roofing market.

Timberline – Asphalt Shingle Roofing

The Timberline product line is our most popular shingle sold in New Zealand, BRANZ Appraised for extra high wind zones and an excellent performer in both coastal and alpine environment. Timberline maintains light weight construction making it the most affordable and cost effect shingle roof option comparable to metal tile, concrete tile and longrun iron.

Timberline HD Colours

GAF patented "High Definition" Timberline series, with enhanced graduated shadowing.   Stunning Asphalt Shingles creating visual depth & shadows like no other roofing shingle.  Available in many colours, 8 of the most popular colours are stocked in New Zealand adding up to more than 10,000 square meters available stock.  

GAF Advanced Shingle Roofing System


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Branz Shingle Roofing
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